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Make-up Versus | Clinique Acne Solution VS Clinique Even Better Glow.


In my last post in the make-up versus category i've talk about Nars cosmetics and two of their Tinted moisturizers but also about the concealers. Today i'm gonna talk about two products from Clinique. I really never give it a go to Clinique Makeup, firstly because their is not enough lighter/Fair shades for me in my opinion. I do have tried a lot of skincare products but not that much about makeup, but I've to say i'm falling slightly in love with clinique makeup recently. The new mascara is legit THAAA BOMB, if you like the truly waterproof from Clarins, but you think it's a pain in the ass to remove, you're gonna falling in love with the new HIGH IMPACT LASH ELEVATING MASCARA, it's still a pain in the ass to remove, but a little less than the Clarins, because it's not waterproof/water-resistant mascara. And more recently i've tried the Easy Pen Liner, i've heard a lot of goof reviews about it, and i've to say i'm totally impresse…



Hello everyone i hope you are doing well, it's been a little while since i don't have done a make-up blogpost, at the end of the month it's time for me to have a little break from the work. with HB we decided to go into my favorite part of my country which is south-west of France (because  both part of our families are around in this area) so i thought it was a great idea to share with you my daily step by step make-up routine. for this summer and blogspot I'm working with Clarins to share with you some TRULY favorite items from the brand. 

let's get start with the base, depending on the eye-look that i want to do i sometimes start with my face and then the eyes and sometime eyes to face makeup, it just depend on my mood of the day, today i wan't to talk about the base. Obviously i apply a lot of SPF to protect my skin from any kind of sun damages (i forgot to put this one in the picture) my favorite daily SPF for my face is actually the SkinCeuticals MINERAL RADIANCE UV DEFENSE which is a chemical filter-free SPF using a chemical filtre-free SPF is better for day to day because mineral filter are not irritating instead of chemical which can became irritating. 

Then a good amount of moisturizer and i have to thank my mom for this discovery, i didn't thought i would enjoy this product which is the DAILY ENERGIZER CREAM from Clarins. My mom isn't someone who is makeup junkie nor skincare junkie, i have to say i think my addiction for skincare and makeup is double because she's not into it, i think a took her addiction LOL. But when she told me than this product was her go to, i've to tried it to and now i'm totally addicted to this hydrating cream, the texture is on the creamier even buttery side, this one is made for normal to dry skin type but you have also a gel version for combination to oily skin type if you don't like the creamier texture. 


Primer it's something that i will never skip, not really because my skin needs to be primed for a long lasting makeup, but mostly because i like the sensation of a good primer on the face. I love the INSTANT LIGHT RADIANCE BOOSTING COMPLEXION BASE since years now i used this one in shade 01 which is slightly in the pink side which gives a lot of radiance to the face, and recently i discovered the INSTANT SMOOTH PERFECTING TOUCH, i'm not someone who use a lot of smoothing primer mostly because i have a lot of reaction to silicone based primer (like the Professional, which i really have to try but i'm kinda scared to have clogged pores if i try it) Clarins sent me this one in a package recently and i was really hesitant about it but, in fact since i received it I have no problem of clogging pores, even if this one have dimethicone inside the formulation, so i keep my finger crossed because i really like the finish on the skin just alone on some areas or when i mix this one with the instant light primer. 


for my foundation i didn't have one from Clarins, mostly because i've to matched me online on the Clarins website and in store here in France we do not have the lighter shade but i've to said that my eyes blind for the True Radiance it's probably my type of foundation from the brand, so .. instead i pick up my favorite water based foundation the WATER BLEND FROM MUFE, which is the newer formulation and packaging of the Face and Body from MUFE, it's decently the enemy of the Face and body foundation from MAC but the shade range is way more bigger. Right now i'm using the shade Y225 which is a great match for the season but i've to say than for the fall-winter season i'm gonna be a Y215. If you want a lot of coverage this is not the foundation for you but if you like sheer/light coverage this is the one, easy to apply and also blend, i'm deeply in love with this natural finish foundation.
I'm someone who is really hard with concealer you already know my love for my trusty SHISEIDO NATURAL FINISH CREAM CONCEALER and because this one is discontinued, i have to find my new big favorite before i didn't have any back-up in my draw. So i've tried a lot of this tube concealer, the Lancôme one I was not that much in love the Guerlain one is in fact really really good, and recently i've put my hands on the INSTANT CONCEALER and this one is really good too, i've this one in the shade 01 it covers nicely the dark circles it doesn't crease and mostly it feels hydrating which is a big point for me because i do have a dehydrated eye area naturally. just a little downside the shade 01 isn't that light if i compare this one to the shiseido concealer is not as brightening but i've the same issues with the Lancôme and Guerlain concealer. isn't too dark in fact it's just the right shade. 


THE FACE CONTOURING PALETTE it's a go to for me especially when i'm on vacation because the first shade is perfect to set my face with my pale skin so i don't have to have a powder in my makeup bag which can be bulky especially if you like loose powders, the next shade is a nice warm tone bronzer, which i have to say is really pigmented so be careful about this one, it's a nice shade to bronzed up your face, i like to use this one with a duo-fiber brush, the last shade is a great natural rosewood color for your cheekbones, same as the bronzer it's nicely pigmented so be also aware of that, i really really like this blush when you have to have a really natural look it's just the perfect one, what i love about this palette in fact it's that you can use this one to have a nice warm look on the eyes if you don't take with you an eye-palette like i do with my trusty Lorac Pro palette which featured multiples of matte shades and shimmery shades. (BTW, this face palette comes with the cutest brush ever which i thought it was a little cool touch from the brand.) Obviously i take with me a second blush because this one is a cream to powder version but also the packaging is so tiny that i don't really mind about it. it's the MULTI-BLUSH CREAM BLUSH NATURAL, LONG LASTING EFFECT in 05 ROSE, it's also nicely pigmented so be careful with you finger or your brush at the application, it's a nice pinky neutral tone blush which is perfect if you want to have a really nice fresh look on the cheeks.( you can use this one slightly in your lips too if you want a subtle pink on the lips)


There is two waterproof mascara that i can totally trust in this earth, the first one the CANNONBALL from urban decay which was created for surfers or the TRULY WATERPROOF, from Clarins, it's a go to when i need a good waterproof mascara since over 3years now, ok it's a pain to get rid of it on the lashes but for me it's a big good point, because i want to be sure than my lashes are good all day long, if i'm a restaurant, even if i'm farniente at the pool or the beach i don't want to be bothered about the lashes and the panda eyes effect at the end of my day you know. This one and the Urban decay mascara comes with natural brussels and also a regular mascara wand, there is  nothing fancy  about those two mascaras, but in fact it's probably the reason why it works pretty great. 

for my lips the INSTANT LIGHT NATURAL LIP PERFECTER, here in the photo i've the shade 06 Rosewood it's a nude color, kind of your lips but better lip color, i've to say that i really like also the shade 05 Coral Shimmer, it's a nice coral color. it doesn't give me fuller lips tho, but actually i don't really need to, to be honest and i don't really think it's the main point of the products it's mostly here to be hydrating and for a nice fresh looking  lips, this products have really cool ingredients. 


and last but not least it's time to have a nice fresh mist on your face, which is gonna help to remove any excess of powder, set your makeup or even refreshes the makeup during the day. here the FIX' MAKE-UP. As you know i do love setting spray, i use one everyday because i do like the finish and how it feels on the skin also. I do have tried a lot of them and this one is one of my favorite because of the scent and how fresh it's feels it's definitely a sensory experience because of the scent of it and how it feels, this setting spray keeps also really nicely my make-up in place (not as much maybe as the all nighter but i'm not really oily for the all nighter too) 


As you can see Clarins loves to use natural ingredients in there products and for me it's the reason why a started to love them with the years, when i was younger Clarins was a brand for mature women but now they started to be really more focused on anyone, i do feel them more open than around ten years ago. Even if they still have work to finish to have a nicer range of younger costumers i truly think that with the time and the effort they will be back on the market with a younger vibe to it. It's for me the younger brand into the real luxury beauty brand. 

and then now i want to share with you from the website 

tell me on my social media what do you think of this brand, also what are your summer essentials for you in the beauty categories. I'm excited to share with you my future photos of my vacation when i'm gonna be back home. 



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