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Make-up Versus | Clinique Acne Solution VS Clinique Even Better Glow.


In my last post in the make-up versus category i've talk about Nars cosmetics and two of their Tinted moisturizers but also about the concealers. Today i'm gonna talk about two products from Clinique. I really never give it a go to Clinique Makeup, firstly because their is not enough lighter/Fair shades for me in my opinion. I do have tried a lot of skincare products but not that much about makeup, but I've to say i'm falling slightly in love with clinique makeup recently. The new mascara is legit THAAA BOMB, if you like the truly waterproof from Clarins, but you think it's a pain in the ass to remove, you're gonna falling in love with the new HIGH IMPACT LASH ELEVATING MASCARA, it's still a pain in the ass to remove, but a little less than the Clarins, because it's not waterproof/water-resistant mascara. And more recently i've tried the Easy Pen Liner, i've heard a lot of goof reviews about it, and i've to say i'm totally impresse…



It's been little while since i don't have done this kind of blogpost here on HeyClari. As you probably know, if you are following me since 2012, my first big category here was actually about makeup brand focus. I thought it was a great idea to re-introduced this category here. Recently i do have tried a lot of products from MAKE UP FOREVER. this past year they really put a level up on their new releases. The foundation, in fact, a reformulation of an oldy but goody foundation, the concealer, a reformulation of the, by far one of the most popular setting powder, then a new formulation of cream shadow and eye-pencil and a lot of new lipstick and finally, a lot of new brow products. 

Let's get start with primer, i've already talk about the mattifying primer from MUFE around two years ago, i was a little bit more combo to oily skin at this time and this one was my go to primer. Since a a little more than a year now my skin is a little more on the normal to dry as you already know, so i've put my hands on the hydrating primer and also the radiant pink base primer. I was immediately impressed by the quality of this two primer, the radiant primer it's definitely one that you have to try, the hydrating primer (which came in a light baby blue tube) is a good one i can't deny the quality of the formulation and the product, but if you want to save extra money (because this one is around $CAD 30) you can totally go for a drugstore hydrating primer. According to MUFE website: 

"MATTIFYING PRIMER is the answer to unwanted shine, fighting against excess oil to ensure a matte makeup result. Formulated with our specific Sebustop Vegetal Complex, this first step equalizer instantly reduces pore size and controls shine for a flawless makeup all day long. 

RADIANT PRIMERS instantly color correct according to skin tone giving what looks like new bare skin. These tailored equalizers transform radiance levels and bring more hydration

and light to the face. Formulated with our blend of Spectraflex® pigments to neutralize imperfections and banish dullness, Radiant Primers give immediate radiance and even skin tone for a flawless makeup all day long.

Find your Radiant Primer color:

6. Cool Pink: for  yellow fair skin

7. Blue: for yellow red fair skin

8. Peach: for  fair skin

9. Yellow: for tanned skin

10. Caramel: for dark skin

11. Mauve: for yellow dark skin

HYDRATING PRIMER instantly quenches skin's thirst by helping boost and refreshing tired skin. Formulated with our specific
H₂O Complex, it provides moisture transforming dehydrated skin into a supple, healthy, plump surface for a flawless makeup all day long."

As you already know, the WATER BLEND is one of my favorite new (re)formulation, this one was created to replace the face and body, this one have a wider range of shades (as you can see on the counter they literally change the entire shade range, now is way more easier where we need to go for the undertone the R pink undertone and y  for yellow undertone they shades goes to lower to higher for the shades lower number = lighter shades, it's kinda similar to M.A.C  . I was already in love with the re-formulation of the HD FOUNDATION  two years ago, i've to say than the older formulation was horrible for my normal to dry skin-type. unfortunately i never give it a go to the OG Face and Body foundation so i can't really tell you if i see a big difference (if i can't find the lighter shade of the OG formulation i will do a comparison post between both). So the WATER BLEND foundation is a sheer to medium coverage foundation, if you need a lot of coverage i would recommend the ULTRA HD STICK FOUNDATION. According to MUFE website: 

"Give skin a fresh, dewy glow with this unrivaled formula that feels so lightweight, sheer and comfortable. The quick and easy application makes it ideal for both the face and the body, as this water-based waterproof foundation evens out the complexion to leave a natural-looking, satin finish. Created with 80% water, this long-lasting unique water-gel texture naturally hydrates and blends in evenly for a smooth, flawless look."

i've to totally agreed the details from the website, it feels really lightweight on the skin but this one is also really long lasting which is not something that we find quite often with sheer to light/medium coverage foundation in general. if you are on the oily skin-type i would definitely suggest to apply a good mattifying primer. 

Since years now i sometimes use the FULL COVER as a concealer, i know it can sounds weird because of the thickness of the formulation but if i warmed up the product between my fingers and you apply the product with a beauty-blender i don't have any problem of dryness and patchiness (and i'm pretty dehydrated around my eyes area) but more than a year ago they came up with a concealer i wasn't sure about the formulation in the beginning because the FULL COVER  don't need to be improved except the shade range, so i was really sceptical. the ULTRA HD CONCEALER is one of my favourite now, you already know my love for the shiseido concealer and i think this one can almost replace it even for the shade (which is the hardest color to find because the Shiseido is really faire with a lot of yellow into it) i use the shade Y21 which is the lightest one, at the first application i was really intrigued by the color, because it looks too fair for me, but when you set this concealer with a little bit of powder because you loose a little bit of luminosity the shade became a perfect shade match for me. So take note than the shade can darken if you set this one with a powder. This concealer doesn't move into my lines, and the texture is really thin it's one of the most thinest but also highly pigmented formulation that i've tried. If you have a mature skin or an older eyes area this one can be the good one for you because it gives you coverage without thickness take note than the R shade are correcting shade (because those are a little more peachy-pink shade and the Y are concealing shade (or highlight) because those are more neutral to yellow. According to MUFE website: 

"ULTRA HD Concealer covers dark circles, unifies the eye contour and hides signs of fatigue, leaving a smooth luminous flawless finish. Exclusive 4K Complex guarantees invisible, natural and comfortable makeup. This easy-blend and long-wearing formula illuminates the eye area for a fresh look. Medium coverage. For all skin types."

MUFE HD powder is one of the bestselling translucent "white" loose powder in the world. his enemy is definitely the prep and prime from M.A.C, i was already a fan of the OG formulation i never had any kind of white cast on the face (but is probably because i do have a really fair skin tho ..) the newer formulation is definitely more thiner than the OG formulation. take note that i do hava tried to do some baking with it and it works pretty well. this formulation isn't only for HD camera but now for 4K camera so no white cast in front of the camera, on TV or whatever, but because it's a white powder don't forget than flash photography and white powder are not best friend (with any kind of white based translucent powder. They also came with two new pressed color a banana shade and also an orange-peachy color for darker skin-tone which is in my opinion one of the most idea to open the market for darker skin-tone. According to MUFE website: 

ULTRA HD MICROFINISHING LOOSE POWDER is a finishing powder that gives a light matte effect and a smooth luminous finish. Spherical micro particles of silica instantly give skin a naturally glowing complexion with an incredible velvety effect and an unrevealed touch. For a perfect ULTRA HD compatible finish, use a very x-small quantity and blend evenly. Apply over make up or wear alone using a kabuki brush.

Bronzer and highlight i do have on of each. i do have discovered them really recently because i really wanted to try the waterproof bronzer (it sounds weird for me a waterproof powder so when it sounds weird i've to try it... you know..)

let's get start about the bronzer the PRO BRONZE FUSION have to to type of finishes the first one a luminous matte finish (which is pretty similar to a satin finish to be honest with you) and you have also a soft iridescent shade (i've swatch one shade of this formulation and you can see some particles of glitter inside the pan). I do have in my collection the shade 10M which is the lightest shade the next one is 15I which have the iridescent finish (I= iridescent and M= matte finishes) this shade is really comparable to the MILK CHOCOLATE FROM TOO FACED but the pigmentation is less present it's definitely this type of bronzer which gives you a bronze but without a lot of product on your face i totally recommend this one to someone who start with bronzer because you can do any mistake with this products (especially with a duo-finer brush!) the shade is definitely warm toned (obviously for a bronzer so this one isn't meant to be a contour powder, i you want to try a contour powder for fair skin try the HOOLA LITE or the LIGHT SCULPTING POWDER from KEVIN AUCOIN)i don't have try the waterproof side of it so i will tell you on social media what i think of it about the waterproof aspect but the formulation in my mind sounds greatly waterproof. According to MUFE website:

"Get your summer glow all year long. No trace, no powdery finish, only mistake-proof color. This breakthrough formula* glides on easily for an extremely natural tan. The lightweight, buildable coverage and effortless blendability give a luminous bronze finish that is so easy to apply it never looks powdery or unnatural. You don’t see makeup, you only see skin that looks healthy and glowing. The waterproof bronzer is perfect for day and night. Choose from matte luminous or softly iridescent shades and finishes."

the PRO LIGHT FUSION highlighter was a big favorite of the month for me, even if i think that you don't ha to splurge on an highlighter because now in 2017 you have really good highlighter from the drugstore like the ELF one for example. You can really have good luminizer pay off with drugstore product. When i've received this highlighter i was surprised by how the products is creamier than what i've excepted. we all now then Becca have the most creamier formulation in the market (i didn't something as good in terms of creamier consistency as Becca here in France!) the texture isn't as creamy but it feel so good hen you rubbed on between your finger (i know it's really beauty/makeup porn right now no?) i really like the fact that when you apply this one your fingertip on the top of you cheekbone you have an entire different finish then with a brush it's more metallic and less glittery with your finger, it's like the product started to warmed up between your finger and your skin, obviously you can totally achieve a natural highlight look which is more subtle for everyday or a BING BADAAAABOUUMM highlight. the highlighter that i got is the lightest of the two (no kidding ..) it's in 01 PINK GOLD. According to MUFE website: 

"Like a veil of light on the skin, this sculpting illuminator enhances and highlights your very best features. The secret is in the soft-shimmer gel-powder. With an undetectable texture and a subtle sheen, you can instantly highlight, contour or give skin a radiant glow. Included are Pro step-by-step guidelines so you can sculpt like an expert"

it's been Five years since i'm addicted to the AQUA BROWN, i know now isn't   super cool product anymore it's not the pomade from ANASTASIA or the new BENEFIT pencil. But i've to say than for the price and the quantity that you get into the little tube it's probably the less expensive brow product that i've tried. (did you have see than the BENEFIT BROW PENCIL is more pricier than the new BROW PENCIL from DIOR? that's crazy right). Obviously with this type of gel/pomade you need to have a brush (angled for preference) but it's the same inconvenience as a pomade but this one doesn't dry up, in fact not as fast as a jar product. I do use mine in the shade 20 or 30 depending on what i want on the brow the 20 is a perfect match but if i want bolder brow i'll use the shade 30 or i'll used the shade 30 as a brow gel with the other end of my brush. This product is actually waterproof, i know in your everyday life waterproof isn't something that you need, the rain can't moved your brows you know, ut i think it's really useful during holidays when you put your makeup on in the morning after your coffee and at the end of the day you decided to go to the beach or the pool, you don't have to be worried about how your makeup is gonna last. According to MUFE website: 

"Aqua Brow is a waterproof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines and lengthens brows. Formulated with volatile oil and carnauba wax, its creamy gel texture gives an even, natural result with a long lasting hold. The result remains flawless throughout the day and holds up under all conditions (water, heat, etc)."

The AQUA XL CREAM COLOR PAINT is the newer formulation of the AQUA XL CREAM EYE-SHADOW i was really in love with the older formulation it was really long lasting and a real waterproof formulation, but because it was a jar product it became dried pretty fast that was totally the downside of this product. they have change now the packaging to have a tube (with this weird gloss applicator kinda old school tho..) but it's not that bad and the product it's even creamier because of the packaging i got the shade L-54 which is a nice taupe/bronze with a satin finish and this shade is definitely a perfect everyday all over the lid shade, you don't have to worry about transfer on your lid especially if you have an hooded eye. you have a lot of different shades and you cas use for any kind of application, it's usually for the eye, but you can use the matte for your brown for example or for an eye-liner and the bolder shade for your lips. i didn't gave tried for contouring or blusher but if they could work for contouring and blush i would be amazing, that's can be the perfect travelling all in one product. According to MUFE website: 

"AQUA XL COLOR PAINT is a waterproof gel-cream shadow with a 24-hour-lasting color impact in an effortless glide.
This athleisure color collection offers 20 waterproof shadow shades, from nude to flashy, with a variety of finishes such as matte, lustrous and iridescent. Inspired by gouache tubes, its beveled applicator provides a full color impact in an effortless glide. The gel-cream texture, easy to apply, provides effective blendability and higher application playtime for 24-hour lastingAQUA XL COLOR PAINT packaging is completely airtight, with a thin orifice that prevents texture from drying."

Did you have tried the newer formulation from MAKE UP FOREVER lately, what did you think of them? Did you like this brand? Tell me on my social media what are your favorites MAKE UP FOREVER products! 

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