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"Essence is the heart of Korean Skincare Routine, and it's a skincare category that was created in Korea"
An Essence Is not a toner they usually came in a fancy and luxurious glass bottle that look excellent on your countertop. They're also not meant for cleansing. With higher doses of active ingr├ędients, essence is meant to deliver- those deep into the skin after you've gone through the process of cleansing. beyond the simple feeling of hydration there's an anti-aging element to essence as well. Adding moisture to the skin at an early age can help the skin stay healthy and plump longer. Essence helps create a stronger more resistant skin foundation for longterm improvement to the look of skin. 
I'm a big fan of beauty essence since years now, and finally they're start to came into the European Market since around a year now. I thought it was a good idea to talk about the difference between some European essence and Korean beauty essence.



When i was young, photography was one of my main passion because of my grand-pa,  i went to a zoo in my city yesterday  and it reminded me my chilhdood days with my grand-pa with the camera in a zoo near paris. I went two times and the last time that i can actually remember without pictures, i was around six years old. It was magical to be in this place today for around two hours. Hope you will enjoyed those photos that i took with my camera. I'm a big fan of black and white photos, for me those Colors  gives to the photos more character to the animals.