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Make-up Versus | Clinique Acne Solution VS Clinique Even Better Glow.


In my last post in the make-up versus category i've talk about Nars cosmetics and two of their Tinted moisturizers but also about the concealers. Today i'm gonna talk about two products from Clinique. I really never give it a go to Clinique Makeup, firstly because their is not enough lighter/Fair shades for me in my opinion. I do have tried a lot of skincare products but not that much about makeup, but I've to say i'm falling slightly in love with clinique makeup recently. The new mascara is legit THAAA BOMB, if you like the truly waterproof from Clarins, but you think it's a pain in the ass to remove, you're gonna falling in love with the new HIGH IMPACT LASH ELEVATING MASCARA, it's still a pain in the ass to remove, but a little less than the Clarins, because it's not waterproof/water-resistant mascara. And more recently i've tried the Easy Pen Liner, i've heard a lot of goof reviews about it, and i've to say i'm totally impresse…

The sun, your skin and sunburn! (english !)

We meet today to a very sensitive issue that affects millions of French and especially the billions of people on this planet. Indeed we often forget the consequences of this important, often flunk the background, by laziness, by forgetting or other solar protection index and all the more important especially in these weeks of heat waves where the sun is at its peak UV index. I was therefore important to speak knowing that the summer season is not yet over, and I would even say that we should not put that in the summer but also during sunny spring days as well as autumn.

My goal is not to scare you, but the sun is the first skin cancer factor, especially if you have a skin that tends to be mole, so do not forget to protect themselves against the sun. I see very often young women I want to say burnt because they love too much sunbathing. Know that the tan, this pretty tan on the skin found beautiful in the summer, it is not present to make pretty, but to defend against UVA and UVB has decided to have the sun . Oh, it sure is nice but at what cost when we do not really know our genes?

I am not saying that we must permanently protect because after a while we no longer live, but we must apply a maximum cream and wearing clothes or accessories that can avoid this (and you tell me not the other, especially you young woman who desperately wants a cape 60s to stroll on the beach!)

Recall History Sunscreen was first created in 1934 by the founder of L'Oréal (at the time it was not the empire of cosmetics we know today but they were already strongly innovator the world of cosmetology). The founder and creator of the idea of ​​sunscreen? Eugène Schueller. Subsequently in 1957 the ROC laboratories out the protection factor 50+

Reminder on UV indices. they are characterized in five categories (reported in the weather note):

- 1-2 Low: Provide sunglasses on sunny days, not need more, you understand right now it is a little higher than this index)

- 3-5 Moderate: cover (eg hat) applying a sunscreen means SPF between 15 and 29 (the weak sunscreens are useful in case of slightest clue, but they are not used to much to reassure you by d have applied a cream)

- High 6-7: reduce exposure between 11am and 4pm and wear during the exhibition times a high protection factor of 30 to 50 SPF

8-10 Very high: Unprotected skin is damaged and a high risk of burns, exposure is especially dangerous between 11am and 4pm, providing a protection factor 50+

11+ Extreme (This is more than rare in our country, but much more present, for example in the desert of nevada, new mexico, Australia) in these cases without skin protection factor is directly damaged and within minutes it -ci burns very strongly, you will understand it is more than dangerous for the human-being.

Now let's talk about the protections indices, actually how to run through the numbers we unfortunately do not have enough information. simply put an index = percentage of protection for your skin, it is therefore the SPF (to pay attention if the cream protects both types of UV knowing that we really do not yet know how completely protect the skin from UVC)

- SPF15: protects skin to 93% of sunlight (and sometimes despite what percentage that is not enough to the skin!)
- SPF 20: protects the skin 95%
- SPF 30: protects the skin 97%
- SPF50: protects the skin 98% (1% I know is small between an SPF 30 and 50 but that one little make a big difference!)

An important thing that one often does not specify, it's true it's written that must be renewed every 2hrs protection, but we never tells us is that it takes the apply 20 minutes before exposure for optimum protection!

How to choose a sunscreen? In principle I grant you it does not seem very complicated, but it's a bit complicated as you think, because between a range of a city solar solar ?? but the difference is finally account?

A beach is sun for a prolonged exposure, so the index, the protection time certainly remains the same, but not for the same use, indeed the city of sun (face) is fine when you make up such because there is very little that effect sticky on the skin that people do not like, it also allows to apply FDT who also have an SPF (SPF can not be summed ed) to avoid significant oxidation due to your skin type, but also the heat from sunlight. Sunscreen city also brings some moisture to your skin over your moisturizer often due to pollution of the cities. The City Screen and beach this is not really the same thing, I do not recommend putting a beach so solar body on your face, because I personally am not a fan of this super sticky side and that may cause certain protective skin reactions (eg pimples, redness ..).

Also if you wear suns cities, you risk may see some difference in the consistency of products based indices, for example by comparing those of Shiseido (I have version 30 and 50+) there noticed a very big difference in materials, 50+ demanding more protection to a whitish effect and also a bit sticky (many actually dropped the dry skin side effect!) I finally uses account when I want to mix it with a slightly too dark FDT or a correction of a tone above which lowers sub-tones of products, I very rarely used as a basis for sunscreen because of this Indeed there by against APPLICATION on tattoos (I come back after!). As for 30 it is perfect as a makeup base if for example you only wear a simple powder you will not at all hyper tack since really has a dry effect. And even if you apply makeup with SPF must not however forget the sunscreen, especially if you eat outside, for example.

Sunscreen and tattoos!

with over 10 tattoos, I can actually give you my advice, because this is some very important things if you want your tattoos hold in time and they do not deteriorate at breakneck speed.

You should know that the ink deteriorates with time and repetition to exhibitions. If you have color tattoos for example, the ink will start soon, the colors will also be less vivid, visible and may change slightly tone. about the black ink, it could tarnish to the green color, and with many years back in blue tones (short .. tolards tattoos wholesale! ed). If you want to have beautiful tattoos must moisturize, protect, avoid excessive sun exposure in the morning I applied to all my tattoos (yes it's a bit long to do but necessary!) An index of 50+ protection and later in the day I have my bomb sunscreen of SPF 30 that I apply when I see that I will stay longer in the sun exposure.

You will understand, tattoos = greater protection, also remember that tattoos and sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, so that's another reason besides the beauty of your small jewelry skin.

But how to apply cream after makeup!

This is a question to which there three years I have been able to meet you, having no scientific answers to, but now I can, and finally! they exist drugstore mists and not of spray (spray mist display = = no need to spread ed), the most famous being that of bioderma range Hydrabio with SPF 30, look more information on google or other blogs because she was enormously blogged in recent weeks since its release and I always lug around with me in my bag.

Regarding the solar range, I do not think it's really important to put the money in a solar beach, personally I just Oréal is still very very good (it's still the creator of the basic sunscreen!) against a face I did not like at all the same thing because I think it's really important to protect the skin of his face above all that it takes all sun exposure and pollution, I'm a big fan of solar Shiseido I confess, I know they are not suitable for all budgets, but if you can at least take a drugstore City Solar for your face is still better especially as Avene is very close in terms of price compared to the large surface area.

Feel free to tell me in the comments what you, you use these days to protect you from UV rays? It's time to discover your other readers Grail against burns due to UV rays

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