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Make-up Versus | Clinique Acne Solution VS Clinique Even Better Glow.


In my last post in the make-up versus category i've talk about Nars cosmetics and two of their Tinted moisturizers but also about the concealers. Today i'm gonna talk about two products from Clinique. I really never give it a go to Clinique Makeup, firstly because their is not enough lighter/Fair shades for me in my opinion. I do have tried a lot of skincare products but not that much about makeup, but I've to say i'm falling slightly in love with clinique makeup recently. The new mascara is legit THAAA BOMB, if you like the truly waterproof from Clarins, but you think it's a pain in the ass to remove, you're gonna falling in love with the new HIGH IMPACT LASH ELEVATING MASCARA, it's still a pain in the ass to remove, but a little less than the Clarins, because it's not waterproof/water-resistant mascara. And more recently i've tried the Easy Pen Liner, i've heard a lot of goof reviews about it, and i've to say i'm totally impresse…

Summer NAIL ART !

I'm back with a new category on my blog right away ! i know it's been a while since my last post here ! but already summer is here and with the summer vibes we have the new category vibes too ! 
First i want to say than i will never gonna be a pro of nail art isn't my kind of things in fact ! but i enjoy really doing kind of polka dots for the summer time ! i'm became totally crazy with my new trend of the moment ! i'm in love with blue with grey undertone colour and the real yellow colour ! i know every summer it's the same cup of tea but in fact this two colours works perfectly together that's the REASON WHY girls ! 

Yes as you can see my blog became a little bit much more English and don't worry you can translate it yet ! we have a little widget in the right ! 

Firstly started with a good base, a good base is really important for a perfect manicure! it's help to protect your nails from all the external damages ! i really love using the Mavala base coat 002, it's a base with a blue undertone shade, it's helps to having brighter  nails colour than you don't have normally example when you have regular transparent nails and of course it's a long birth to your manicure mine stay around 6 days with this base and the top coat (i talk about it after !) 

For having a summer vibes on your nails i love doing this kind for helping me in my cute manicure ! i use scotch-tape ! yes yes scotch-tape i know that's can be sounds a little bit weird but in fact is a good easy method when you're a little sh** like me ! i use the corner of the piece and i put this one in the middle of my nail for looking like a triangle. 

Third ! that's the time for applying your favourites colours for your summer manicure ! i love to apply in my first, second, fourth and fifth fingers the colour Mediterranean 707 from Chanel i applied this one where i have put the triangle scotch-tape! and for my middle finger i love using this yellow colour from Yves Rocher, that's a real yellow sunny colour it's looking really fun on nails specifically during the summer time! 

After i wait until my nail polish became dry before remove the scotch-tape. 

After i use a brush for draw polka dots but you can use a regular boby-pin it's almost the same effect on nails! i use the blue colour for draw a line of polka dots around the triangle area ! it is less strict with some polka dots believe me it's looking a little bit crazier and it's perfect or the summer time ! after i use a white colour here it's private week-end from Essie ( i'm in love with this white colour right now !) and i draw some polka dots on my middle yellow finger ! it's look brighter i thing on your nails because you broke instantly the blue colour from all your other nails ! and that's the reason why it's looking summer vibes !  and for the last things ! and i promise after it's done for the nails tutorial ! you need to applying a last coat ! and that's a top coat ! i'm in love with the Color fix Top coat from Mavala ! normally i'm in love with the good to go top coat from Essie ! but i can honestly said than the colorfix it's a real BOMB! i said before than with the base and top coat i killed all the other combo of base and top coat nail polish ! 

Hope you love this first tutorial in my blog, telling me in the comments below what is your favourite nails look for the summer time ! 

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