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"Essence is the heart of Korean Skincare Routine, and it's a skincare category that was created in Korea"
An Essence Is not a toner they usually came in a fancy and luxurious glass bottle that look excellent on your countertop. They're also not meant for cleansing. With higher doses of active ingr├ędients, essence is meant to deliver- those deep into the skin after you've gone through the process of cleansing. beyond the simple feeling of hydration there's an anti-aging element to essence as well. Adding moisture to the skin at an early age can help the skin stay healthy and plump longer. Essence helps create a stronger more resistant skin foundation for longterm improvement to the look of skin. 
I'm a big fan of beauty essence since years now, and finally they're start to came into the European Market since around a year now. I thought it was a good idea to talk about the difference between some European essence and Korean beauty essence.


English born.

I decided to go back with a new post tonight for notifying some little things. In fact since some weeks now i have discover than i have a lot of american readers (big hugs for you guys!). For this reason and because i wanna makes everyone happy, i decided to do some post in english, and sometimes with some translation for a much better communication. As you know, you can translate my blog in a lot of different languages (and i think that's the reason why i have a lot of american readers and maybe because i post all my post during the night and that's work with the US jet lag too) . For this reason and for telling all my love to my thousand (and more) english readers  i wanna tell you big thank you to all of us, i decided to give this another direction to my blog. Don't worry if you're french reader i don't stop my french post because i know not a lot of people are bilingual and i understand totally. I wanna mentioned something else too, since like 2 or 3 months now i edit all my video in english too, that's much more easier to all the people around the world for understanding all i really wanted to say especially when i talk about skincare products.

I don't really know how much post in english i wanted to do like.. in a week and i'm not sure if i want than my blog became entire in english too, maybe with the month ect .. don't worry i will mentioned in the title if the post is in english or not like (english) you know or something like this (en). Telling me what you really want about that. And if you love the new direction of my blog, with the new design and all this kind of stuff on my blog.

i really wanted to telling to all of you a big thank you, for supporting me, and encourage me everyday to make my blog more and more alive and of course better than better.

see yaaa soon.

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