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In my last post i shared with you some of the pictures that i took when i was at the zoo, but today my friend sara was at home because my cat and her are deeply in love so we thought it was a good idea to put a little bit of makeup on her (IRL it was a dark brown smokey eyes) as a makeup artist i've to makeup her one day you know. her lips was in the nude side and with a matte finish if you're asking. i hope you're enjoyed those photos, we want to colaborate together for other photoshoot in the future, This is not the last time you will see her. Love đź–¤


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foundation routine

Bonjour mes amours, aujourd'hui je vous reviens avec une nouvelle vidéo j'espère qu'elle va vous plaire les informations complémentaires sont dans la barre d'info de la vidéo.


Bisous bisous mes lapins Ă  bientĂ´t !