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In my last post i shared with you some of the pictures that i took when i was at the zoo, but today my friend sara was at home because my cat and her are deeply in love so we thought it was a good idea to put a little bit of makeup on her (IRL it was a dark brown smokey eyes) as a makeup artist i've to makeup her one day you know. her lips was in the nude side and with a matte finish if you're asking. i hope you're enjoyed those photos, we want to colaborate together for other photoshoot in the future, This is not the last time you will see her. Love 🖤


Ana. Founder and owner of Business enquiries:

Favoris mode de Décembre 2013.

Hey Ho ! mes farfadets !

voici venue l'heure des favoris mode du mois de décembre ! je vais donc vous présentez ça par marque et en photo pour que ça soit beaucoup plus simple

jean destroy 29,99€
jean skinny bordeaux 17,99€

jean skinny noir 25,99€
maillot manche longues suédine bleu marine 15,99€

t-shirt manches longues 17,99 €
chemise bucheron verte foncé 19,99€

foulard beige motif 7,99€

sac noir nouvelle collection 25,99€

écharpe-plaid automnale 14,90€

maillot Nirvana vendu à présent à 10,00€

Parka bleu marine 60,00€

boots officier marron 64,99€

TOP carreaux 24,99€

 Et vous quels sont vos favoris mode de ce mois de décembre?