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Make-up Versus | Clinique Acne Solution VS Clinique Even Better Glow.


In my last post in the make-up versus category i've talk about Nars cosmetics and two of their Tinted moisturizers but also about the concealers. Today i'm gonna talk about two products from Clinique. I really never give it a go to Clinique Makeup, firstly because their is not enough lighter/Fair shades for me in my opinion. I do have tried a lot of skincare products but not that much about makeup, but I've to say i'm falling slightly in love with clinique makeup recently. The new mascara is legit THAAA BOMB, if you like the truly waterproof from Clarins, but you think it's a pain in the ass to remove, you're gonna falling in love with the new HIGH IMPACT LASH ELEVATING MASCARA, it's still a pain in the ass to remove, but a little less than the Clarins, because it's not waterproof/water-resistant mascara. And more recently i've tried the Easy Pen Liner, i've heard a lot of goof reviews about it, and i've to say i'm totally impresse…

Favoris mode de Décembre 2013.

Hey Ho ! mes farfadets !

voici venue l'heure des favoris mode du mois de décembre ! je vais donc vous présentez ça par marque et en photo pour que ça soit beaucoup plus simple

jean destroy 29,99€
jean skinny bordeaux 17,99€

jean skinny noir 25,99€
maillot manche longues suédine bleu marine 15,99€

t-shirt manches longues 17,99 €
chemise bucheron verte foncé 19,99€

foulard beige motif 7,99€

sac noir nouvelle collection 25,99€

écharpe-plaid automnale 14,90€

maillot Nirvana vendu à présent à 10,00€

Parka bleu marine 60,00€

boots officier marron 64,99€

TOP carreaux 24,99€

 Et vous quels sont vos favoris mode de ce mois de décembre?